Veerle Verbakel

Portrait (c) Filip Van Roe

Veerle Verbakel Gallery is the brainchild of Veerle Verbakel (°1982), a business consultant and engineer active in the design sector, founder of gitzwart and contributor to design magazines. After a trip to Hong Kong and while visiting several art and design shows around the globe, she discovered the extreme power of design as art objects or collectibles. In April 2016, Veerle Verbakel Gallery opened its first gallery space in Brussels, Belgium. Presenting for the first time unique art pieces of contemporary designers with an industrial background.

Veerle Verbakel Gallery specialises in limited edition twenty-first century design objects and art, unique pieces and special commissions. Belgianborn Veerle Verbakel commissions designers to create design art objects using high quality industrial materials and techniques. “The Duality of Design” is the driving principle which guides her selection of artists, designers and objects.