• Michael Young (°1966, Sunderland, UK) quickly became one of the UK’s most sought-after young designers and revered retailers and institutions such as the Conran shop and the Pompidou Museum began demanding his work. He became known in the industry as a sophisticated minimalist acclaimed for his elegant, pared-down aesthetic design, which was in direct opposition to the elaborate style dominating London at the time.

    After nearly a decade working across the UK and Iceland, Michael was enticed to Asia by his passion for pioneering technology, and in 2006 set up a studio in Hong Kong. Michael Young has over 20 years of experience in development of industrial designs for brands such as Emeco, George Jensen, Giant, Iitala and Moke and collaborates with industrial manufacturing facilities throughout China.

    His studio is considered to be one of the most exciting and formidable design companies operating in Asia, responsible for designing award-winning icons for its clients that last a lifetime and are presented in museums globally.

  • Studio Dessuant Bone is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Paris, with our specialities in direction, design, product and interiors. Their research based creative solutions evolve from ideas and stories. They pride themselves on creating an engaging and clear handwriting that can traverse across a diverse range of clients and industries, including fashion, lifestyle, creative & product, from concept to creation. They work both in commercial areas of design and creative/artistic fields, having an understanding of the commercial needs of clients, whilst always striving to produce creative, original solutions. Working in both these fields gives them a great creative balance.

    Our clients and working relationships include Gallery S.Bensimon, Paris Another Country, and Ligne Roset-Cinna. Our work has been exhibited at Le Bon Marché, Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk, The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Grand Hornu, Belgium, Mudam Museum, Luxembourg, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Maison & Objet, Paris, London Design Festival, and DMY Berlin. Awards include International Society of Typographic Designers, Young talent Ligne Roset price, and Design Guild Mark Award.

  • James Thompson, who studied at Leeds College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London, is a spatial artist, one who redraws space and the objects within it. "My work deals with the perception of time and its interpretation. I work across physical and digital media using existing architectural spaces as the starting point, recorded and re-interpreted to construct multi-dimensionional experiences of reality;" says James.

    The way in which this archaeologist of place harnesses and re-interprets location is complex and deeply felt. He works broadly within the disciplines of design, installation and performance, using various casting substances, kinetic and audio installation, video and scanning techniques. Thompson's "multi-dimensional experiences" relate to his interest in Cubism, and the Cubist philosophy that objects have an unfixed and indeterminate nature in space and in the span of time. His art attempts to fathom these multi-dimensions, and what results is a strong sense of the human imprint. His work was on show in Beijing, Eindhoven, London,...

  • Anne Masson and Eric Chevalier (Brussels, BE) collaborate since 2006.
    Both trained in textile design, their work results of an investigation and experiment with materials. The pair explores different possible levels of working on the design of textiles, from the raw material to the finished product. Moved by a spontaneity and pleasure of making, they consider textiles in different contexts, as a medium connected with cultural, personal or collective, functional and entertaining issues. Appropriating various techniques with freedom and precision, they capture all of the ephemerality and fragility, familiarity or mystery, fun or comfort that the material conveys. They design and produce self edited work and are also involved in collaborative practice with architects, designers and choreographers. All of these projects broaden the horizon of their work and question the various statuses and dimensions of fabric.

  • Alfredo Häberli (°1964, Buenos Aires, AR) lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland. He is an internationally estiablished designer and works for some of the leading companies of the international design industry such as Alias, BD Barcelona, Camper, George Jensen, Kvadrat, Moroso, Vitra,… He manages to unite tradition with innovation, joy and energy in his designs and his work is strongly influenced by his early childhood in Argentina as well as his curiousness and studies in everyday life. The results are works with a strong expression and emotionality.