Bowery Gothic at Jack Chiles Gallery

Jack Chiles Gallery, located at 208 Bowery in the heart of New York City, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its highly anticipated exhibition, “Bowery Gothic,” featuring a captivating collection of design art and furniture by an array of international emerging and established artists. The show, co-curated by Antwerp born Veerle Verbakel, promises to be a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience for art enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.”Bowery Gothic” opens its doors to the public on October 26, 2023, and will run through December 16, 2023. This exceptional exhibition brings together the creative genius of twenty talented artists: Victor Barrágan, Zachary Besner, Sarah Burns, Louis Durot, Matthew Fisher, LS Gomma, Yuki Gray, Liz Hopkins, Bloomstein Industrial, Clara Jorisch, Edgar Mosa, Mike Serra, Sam Stewart, Sophie Stone, Tino Seubert, Shaina Tabak, Nicole Walker, John Wells, Blue Green Works, Wentrcek Zebulon. Each artist brings their unique perspective and expertise to the theme of black and metal design, resulting in a diverse and mesmerizing collection that pushes the boundaries of art and functionality.

Wendy Andreu and Bram Vanderbeke showing at Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort

We are very delighted to be showing Elements , a collection of design art objects by Wendy Andreu and Bram Vanderbeke at Fosbury & Sons in Boitsfort (Brussels) . The show takes place in their eye-catching building, a modernist masterpiece by post-war architect Constantin Brodzki. Brodzki graduated from La Cambre who explored the possibilities offered by modern building techniques and technology .

Veerle Verbakel Gallery shows Michael Young at Poème Brut in Design Museum Gent

Poème Brut highlights designers’ renewed interest in crafts, local techniques and materials. In recent years, their focus has shifted to manufacturing processes and materiality as a counterpoint to globalisation and dematerialisation. A central theme in the exhibition is the outcome of this research into materials and techniques. Some designs use old, forgotten materials and new techniques or technology to process them, while others are the result of an old craft in combination with a new material.

All the design objects are tactile, with a poetic undercurrent and a largely ‘rough’ and ‘unfinished’ design idiom. Poème Brut zooms in on the designer as a maker, as an alchemist who is inspired by the special properties of matter and innovative ways for processing it, as well as its potential in a contemporary context.

The curators Siegrid Demyttenaere and atelier lachaert dhanis selected international iconic designers, as well as emerging young talent. The ensembles show surprising combinations, atypical confrontations and new insights.

Veerle Verbakel Gallery is showing the BC chair and SH2 stool at the show at Design Museum Gent from 30 March 2018 until 4 November 2018.

A(ll) Book – Michael Young

A(ll), book about the works of Michael Young.

Author: Maria Christina Didero

Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek

Language: English/French

144 p, hardcover

Price: 29,95 EUR – order by e-mail to


Experimenting is a working method for Michael Young and the investigation of different resources his ultimate passion. Born in Sunderland, the famous British designer Michael Young has set his offices in Bruxelles and Hong Kong. In Asia he has tested for more than ten years the most advanced and sophisticated processes, focusing on different kinds of material but his aluminum projects are the ones that stand out for their uniqueness of approach and a special twist. Next to his designs in aluminum – limited editions or mass produced – he also included a selection of his most iconic projects from recent years.