A(ll) Book – Michael Young

A(ll), book about the works of Michael Young.

Author: Maria Christina Didero

Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek

Language: English/French

144 p, hardcover

Price: 29,95 EUR – order by e-mail to veerle@veerleverbakelgallery.com


Experimenting is a working method for Michael Young and the investigation of different resources his ultimate passion. Born in Sunderland, the famous British designer Michael Young has set his offices in Bruxelles and Hong Kong. In Asia he has tested for more than ten years the most advanced and sophisticated processes, focusing on different kinds of material but his aluminum projects are the ones that stand out for their uniqueness of approach and a special twist. Next to his designs in aluminum – limited editions or mass produced – he also included a selection of his most iconic projects from recent years.